Psychotherapy & Wellness Therapies

April Hannah, LMHC operates a wellness & psychotherapy office that serves people to achieve wellness for the mind, body and spirit. April Hannah offers a blend of traditional psychotherapy and energy practices to serve each individual’s needs. April A. Hannah, MS.Ed., LMHC is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, who provides services to individuals, couples, families and supervision to health professionals. Her approach to therapy blends holistic studies and cognitive behavioral techniques which are solution focused.



Counseling can bring about insight and change to a person’s life. My hope for all my clients is that they begin to become aware of their greatest purpose and potential in this lifetime and to achieve self-awareness.

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Reiki Sessions
& Training

Reiki is a Japanese healing method which helps with stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing. Reiki can help to clear emotional or physical blockages and can aide in helping the body to use its natural resources to heal the mind, body and spirit.

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If you have always wanted to learn how to meditate or are just finding it difficult to find the time and space to fit it into your busy schedule, this group allows you that opportunity to enter into the quiet space and stillness in between the thoughts.

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I wanted to do a testimonial for your web site. I advise people to come see you all the time. I think you are kind and genuinely caring. Being in a room with you feels like a safe place, warm and comforting. Your intuition and observations skills are superb, you listen soooo carefully and you make sure that you have addressed all of my concerns. You also helped my biological son and daughter, but more importantly my guardian son. If he had continued to attend sessions with you he would be doing so very well. As it is, you helped him to understand and deal with some of his issues. I am fairly certain that I will be coming by to see you again, when things get tough again. You help me to see things in the proper perspective, and to give me tools to deal with them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I have been receiving Reiki from April for about  1 ½ years now.  I started Reiki by my receiving a gift certificate unexpectedly.   It was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.  I feel like April has transformed my life in so many ways.  Physically, emotionally and spiritually I feel wonderful and credit it to April and her treatments.  She helped me resolve longstanding issues that were obstacles to my growth.  If you are ‘stuck’ in your life in any way, April helps you get “unstuck.”  She is kind, calm, and a wonderful practitioner and has truly had a profound, positive impact on my life.  I highly recommend April to help you move on in your life.I have also attended April’s meditation classes and healing classes which are absolutely amazing.  I hate to miss either one of them.  What I have really realized is how much more “centered” and ‘in the now’ I am which I credit to April and healing techniques.
56 yr old female
Her treatments helped me through some very bad stages in my life and brought calm to the chaos.   I thank her for this and would highly recommend her to anyone for healing of any kind.
37 yr old female
When I went to see April, I hate to admit it but I was a little skeptical about ‘reiki.’  My sister and brother in law recommended it to me after my father passed away and it seemed to help my sister so I decided to give it a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised the office was very warm and inviting and very homey.  April was friendly and very welcoming.  The whole experience was incredible.  I left feeling amazed and extremely comforted.  I definitely would recommend going to see April.  I am really glad that I did.
27 yr old female
I have been working with April for about 7 months now and she is a kind and generous person. I would recommend anyone to go and see her.
12 yr old male
Reiki, in one phrase….change for the better. Reiki has opened doors of opportunity in my personal and professional life. April’s Reiki sessions are so effective and calming and she has a calm voice that lulls you into a feeling of complete release.  I have had some amazing visions while receiving Reiki from April and I feel more calm and balanced in general. April is a wonderful healer in my experience, when she works on me I always feel better no matter if it is a health concern or just a regular session. April has a gift that is uncanny and when her hands go around you, you can feel the energy of her healing. She always helps me feel clearer, happier and just healthier when she works on me.
28 yr old female
I am a 30 year old female and I have been seeing April going on 2 years now.  It started out as individual counseling and turned into couples with my now husband.  When I first started going I was extremely shy and scared to experience anything new, also had trouble communicating my feelings-emotions to my spouse.  Today I am still shy however I push myself to be out there and trying new things, I still have trouble expressing myself but that has improved greatly and I will constantly work on this with my husband and of course with April’s help.  From the minute I found her number I was drawn to her and knew she was the counselor that was right for me.  She constantly encourages me to be the best person I can be, not to be afraid of anything new and to stand up for me because I am worth it!  Lover her she is one of the best people to come in to my life.
30 yr old female
30 year old female, I have been to several of Aprils meditation circles and healing circles.  In these groups April guides us into a meditation which is very helpful for me since I have trouble quieting my mind.  In the meditation group we explorer different areas from regression to meeting our younger selves to focusing on healthy eating and living.  In meditation we can focus on a part of our life that we wish to make a change and over time that change happens without you realizing it because your subconscious is doing it for you.  In the healing group, we all focus on a common goal to help assist in the physical, mental or emotional healing of a person in the group or outside.  This is a very powerful thing all of the group coming together for a common goal.  You can feel the energy, I have seen one woman have an amazing touching experience in the circle.  Great things happen when you open yourself up to them.
30 yr old female